• Discuss Loan Request
  • Identify Client’s Requirements
  • Establish Goals, Needs and Objectives
  • Determine Financing Options
  • Engage Deason Financial Group
  • Deploy Strategic Solutions
  • Research Possible Outcomes

Underwriting & Packaging

  • Accumulate Due Diligence Information
  • Review and Analyze Information
  • Develop Loan Narrative and Property Summary
  • Complete a Comprehensive Financial Analysis
  • Provide Transaction Summary Supporting Loan Request
Close up of businesswoman at meeting, pointing at gantt chart
Hands of business people taking notes in meeting

Submission & Marketing

  • Match Client’s Requirements to Appropriate Funding Source
  • Submit Financial Packages to Funding Sources
  • Provide Transaction Strengths & Weaknesses Analysis
  • Identify and Mitigate Transaction Risks
  • Make a Competitive Market for Transaction

Processing & Closing

  • Identify and Select the Optimal Funding Source
  • Coordinate Third Party Due Diligence
  • Assist Funding Source with Information Needs
  • Communicate Effectively with all Parties
  • Expedite Loan Processing
  • Facilitate Loan Closing
  • Post-Closing Client Follow Up