Commercial Mortgage Brokerage

Deason Financial Group is a commercial mortgage brokerage firm that specializes in arranging financing for income producing commercial real estate. The firm has access to capital from various funding source relationships including Wall Street Investment Banks, Life Companies, Money Center and Regional Banks, Independent Banks, Agency Lenders, FHA, Finance Companies, Credit Companies, Private Lenders and various other sources of capital.

We handle transactions of $1,000,000 and up and have the ability to customize each loan to meet our clients’ financing needs, goals and objectives. Our clients include developers, real estate investors, investment funds, REITS and owner operators.

We go beyond traditional loan origination services, providing advisory expertise, counseling on the leveraging of Investment Real Estate, expectations of current market delivery capability, and proficiency in preparation of financial packages to meet your specific capital requirements.

Deason Financial Group provides the vital link between our customer and the financial lending institutions nationwide. As a professional intermediary in commercial and multifamily finance, we combine our wide range of capital sources with a knowledgeable and experienced team to deliver results, deal after deal.

With a single point of contact, you can streamline the complexities of real estate lending while increasing your access to a wide array of capital sources.

Consulting & Loan Advisory Solutions

Deason Financial Group has a combined team experience of over 60 years. With experience, comes a proven track record of success. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide access to debt and equity lending and refinancing for all Commercial property types nationwide.

At Deason Financial Group, the commercial loan process starts with our team being in the capital markets on a daily basis and communicating with financing sources to determine who is actively lending and on what basis. We then bring this market intelligence to clients so they may receive a realistic and viable array of property funding options.

From there, we build a loan request package tailored to match our client’s interest within our ideal mortgage program parameters.

Among other services, Deason Financial Group:

  • Conducts extensive analyses of the borrower’s property operations and credit history
  • Helps develop pro-forma operating budgets for presentation to lenders
  • Presents the loan request package to multiple financing sources
  • Negotiates lending terms and rates to achieve a successful closing
  • Sale versus refinance analysis
  • Market evaluations
  • Property evaluations

Financial Advisory

Deason Financial Group has a combined team experience of over 60 years in providing financial solutions. With experience, comes a proven track record of success. We pride ourselves on our ability to establish realistic expectations with clients of what the markets can deliver. This means we listen, evaluate and provide honest expectations and feedback.

Deason Financial Group’s financial advisory services follow One Rule:

With real expectations come real results. Deason Financial Group sets those realistic expectations from the beginning. This means we:

  • Listen to our clients about the goals they want to achieve.
  • Help clients understand the current and future leverage capacity of their property investments.
  • Analyze the true value of properties so that inflated perceptions do not cloud rational decisions.
  • Advise all clients on current market conditions and lending options.
  • Help clients foresee the future so they can create effective and efficient real estate investment strategies.

Deason Financial Group uses time-tested experience and knowledge to advise our customers of the market dynamics that clients can use to establish realistic expectations and achievable results.