“Cookie Cutter” is a word we never associate with Commercial Real Estate financing.  The capital markets are constantly changing, and in today’s volatile environment, we’re in the markets daily staying abreast the constantly evolving conditions.  As a result we offer the best solutions and advice that are guided by fresh and real-time entrepreneurial thinking.

Here at Deason Financial Group we pride ourselves on our thoroughness and attention to detail throughout the entire loan process. Our fine tuned process ultimately leads to the desired results you’re looking for, which is why we developed these guiding principles for approaching every client engagement.

Our business is negotiating financing arrangements for our clients, and our principles are based upon time-tested fundamentals.  They are the core-foundation of what we do, what we believe and they are taken seriously during each and all client transactions.


  • Every transaction has specialized financing requirements.
  • Rates are not a commodity.
  • There are no “Cookie Cutter” solutions.
  • Every transaction is unique.
  • Customer Service is our top priority.
  • Clients deserve start-to-finish support.